Endorsements for Miriam's Vision

“A panel of our Education Advisers (Head Teachers) looked at the resources and they felt that the package should be highly recommended for use in schools because the schemes of work and individual lesson materials are so well constructed. They felt that there would be no need for teachers to do any extra work because you have everything necessary on the website. The advisers also commented that teachers would be extremely well supported with the website as everything is so expertly presented. They thought that teachers would be able to view the materials, read through the background notes, download lesson materials and use the electronic materials straight onto their classroom screens in order to teach a range of outstanding lessons.”

Dept for Education, January 2016


"Miriam's mother has set up a charity, the Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust. They fund an eye hospital in India and an anti-radicalisation programme for 11 - 14 year olds, helping kids to see both literally and figuratively. They deserve support."

Boris Johnson, then Mayor of London
Huffington Post, "7/7 Remembered: Why the Killers Failed", 7 July 2015


"A good education for the twenty-first century must equip children to navigate their way through complex, difficult situations at every level from the family to global events. Miriam's Vision is an ambitious, modern and lively resource which helps young people to understand the contemporary world in all its diversity and complexity."

Professor Chris Husbands, Director, UCL Institute of Education, September 2015


“Young people growing up in a fast changing world face new insecurities and dangers. There are no easy answers but Miriam’s Vision is a great resource to help people understand how to navigate this complexity.”

Lord Jim Knight, March 2016


“I couldn't agree more about the role of the arts and humanities in promoting respect, tolerance and empathy. I am very happy for you to add my name to those who endorse the History module.”

Professor Michael Wood, Manchester University, January 2016


Endorsements from Teachers & Pupils

“I’ve been a teacher for twelve years and I must say the lessons have been excellent. I really enjoyed them and so did the students. Perfectly organised – which is just what a teacher wants. We have teachers outside of the Humanities faculty teaching Citizenship so it makes a real difference when the lessons are straightforward with so many amazing activities.”

Head of Citizenship (2015)


“The personal angle was particularly effective with my Year 9 class. As Miriam’s story was gradually revealed throughout the lessons they … began to feel a connection with her and her situation and this drove them to want to understand the historical context in which she lost her life. This was perhaps why their final outcomes (expressed in essays or drawings) were so reflective and of such high quality.”

History Teacher (2015)


“Before these History lessons, everyone in my class thought that all Muslims were terrorists and this made me very sad and upset as I’m Muslim myself. After the lessons everyone realised this is a mistake and we are now all much happier. It has made a big difference to my life.”

History student aged 14 (2016)


“The whole experience was amazing because there was so much that was new; designing and creating a sculpture with a team we hadn’t met before; having your views listened to and listening to other students, working with materials we hadn’t used before. It was all very challenging but we met the challenges ourselves and came up with a good finished product”.

Art student aged 14 (2014)

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