Session 5: Making a Difference

Business and Enterprise (Ages 11-14)
Session 5: Making a Difference
  • Making a Difference
  • Product development
Key Messages: 

Maximising fundraising to maximise impact on others

  • To create products and services to sell to raise funds for the Outreach Programme of the Miriam Hyman Children’s Eye Care Centre in Odisha, India
  • Students develop products / services to sell at the fair
  • Students plan the fundraising event


  • Sufficient quantities of materials identified in previous session
  • Printed copies of instructions (where required) for recipes / craft techniques etc. (Where appropriate consider inviting visitors including local businesses and parent helpers to support students’ ventures.)
Links to National Curriculum: 

Develop an interest in, and commitment to, volunteering that they will take with them into adulthood.

Links to the PHSE non statutory curriculum

Students will develop approaches to working with others, problem-solving and action planning. Through their product development and event planning process they will develop and apply Business & Enterprise skills and qualities.



  • Students share their group names and confirm the product / service they will be developing (N.B. allow time to discuss if this was not completed for homework)
  • Provide students with a clear explanation of the time and resources available for them to develop their ideas and create their products N.B. this may be one or more sessions depending on the complexity of products chosen

Activity 1

  • Students work in their groups, using the materials provided to create their produce to sell at the fair N.B. students providing a service such as Henna hand tattoos or a dance display will need to consider any special requirements e.g. access to water/music and space to practice their service/dance display [insert link to art and dance resources]

Activity 2

  • Using MV B&E Resource 5.1 Event Planning Checklist in their groups, students begin to plan the actual event, referring back to their market research for timings, layout etc. 
  • Students consider how their product / service will be presented; suggesting ways in which they might decorate their stalls to entice customers in and/or ensure that the purpose of their fundraiser is clear.


  • Encourage students to reflect on how well they have worked as a team and to consider the Business & Enterprise skills they have developed as a result of this task


  • Finish off products
  • Practice services/dance displays

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