Session 3: Being enterprising

Business and Enterprise (Ages 11-14)
Session 3: Being enterprising

Being enterprising

Key Messages: 

Making a practical and positive difference to the lives of others


To consider ways in which students could raise funds for the Outreach Programme at the MHCECC in Odisha, India

  • Students will brainstorm and evaluate a list of possible crafts, stalls, services and displays for a fundraising fair
  • Students will design a survey to market research their ideas
Links to National Curriculum: 

To develop an interest in, and commitment to, participation in volunteering as well as other forms of responsible activity, that [students] will take with them into adulthood

Links to the PHSE non statutory curriculum

Exploring what it means to be enterprising and assessing their needs, interests, values, skills, abilities and attitudes in relation to options in learning, work and enterprise.



  • Begin by asking students to respond to a number of questions of taste, such as favourite colour, favourite food, television programmes, etc. Students could shout out responses, or stand up or put their hand up if they like a particular product.
  • Explain that people’s tastes are very diverse and products need to be marketed to appeal to different sorts of people.
  • As an example of ways in which one product / service can be adapted to appeal to different audiences, show the short (2.14 minutes) animation which explains how different web videos appeal to different audiences and why choosing the right one for your business or product will increase sales.
  • Remind students of the activity focus Making a Difference. Discuss the market appeal of the products you are planning to develop and consider how this might affect the way you promote them.

Activity 1

  • Split students into 4 to 6 mixed ability groups.
  • Students share their fundraising research and ideas with the rest of their group and using the MV B&E Resource 3.1 Decision Making worksheet they begin to consider which ideas they’d like to carry through to sell at the fair.
  • Students record their three best / favourite ideas for development.  They may need to negotiate to come to an agreement.

Activity 2

  • Using MV Business & Enterprise resource 3.2 Market Research Grid to help them, students create a simple market research questionnaire to find out which product or service their potential customers would prefer, and additional information to support their approach to the task, e.g. how much people are willing to pay, when would be best to hold the fair etc.


  • Recap key lessons from session.
  • Introduce homework.


Using the questionnaire they’ve created in their groups, each individual student needs to ask at least 3 people (potentially attending the fair) for their opinions on the proposed event and the product or service ideas presented.

N.B. the more data students collect the more reliable the conclusions drawn from that data are likely to be.

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