Session 2: Identifying Business & Enterprise skills

Business and Enterprise (Ages 11-14)
Session 2: Identifying Business & Enterprise skills
  • Identifying Business & Enterprise skills
Key Messages: 

Anyone can make a positive difference to the lives of others. “It’s not who you are, but what you do that defines you.”

  • To identify what enterprise skills are and how they relate to our everyday lives
  • Students will understand the wider purpose of their study
  • Students will assess how enterprising they already are and identify at least one skill they would like to develop


  • Highlighter pens
  • Student access to the internet (alternatively this can be added to the homework task)
  • Projector
Links to National Curriculum: 

Students will consider ways in which they as citizens can work together to improve their communities, including the opportunity to participate in the fundraising event.

Links to the PSHE non statutory curriculum

Exploring what is means to be enterprising and assessing their own needs, interests, values, skills, abilities and attitudes in relation to options in learning, work and Enterprise.



  • Share students’ fundraising suggestions and record as blue sky thinking (creative ideas not limited by practicalities) for reference later in the session.
  • Show MV B&E Resource 2.1 Intro PowerPoint to recap the key points of Miriam’s Story and to introduce the Business & Enterprise skills focus.

Activity 1

  • Using MV B&E Resource 2.2 Student skills students reflect on the Business & Enterprise skills of innovation, research, decision making, problem solving, communication, organisation, team working and self-management.
  • They consider their personal strengths and weaknesses in each, highlight their current ability and identify at least one skill they would like to develop.  Guide less able and ESL students with examples.
  • Students complete MV B&E Resource 2.3 Mindmap activity to relate each skill to an area of their lives where it is already applied. Some examples:
    • Innovation: Finding better ways of doing things.  Examples?
    • Problem solving: Resourcing your character in Minecraft
    • Research: Finding out what’s showing at the cinema
    • Decision making: Choosing which film to watch at the cinema
    • Communication: Texting your friends and family
    • Team work: Preparing for a party
    • Self-management - getting up and dressed in the morning on time
    • Organisation - getting to the right class with the right books and equipment

Activity 2

  • In mixed ability groups, using the internet and any available secondary resources, students research possible Indian themed crafts and activities to bring the culture, flavour and focus of Odisha to your fundraising event.
  • You could also brainstorm ideas from students’ own cultures, to develop the secondary themes of understanding and tolerance: “Appreciating our differences to make a difference to others”.

The following list is suggestions of Indian crafts and traditions for students to research:

  • Applique lanterns: see the Miriam’s Vision Art module
  • Clay diva (candle holders)
  • Henna hand tattoos
  • Rangoli
  • Beaded bangles
  • Tie dyed clothing
  • Indian snacks – samosa, bahji, naan, barfi
  • Indian dance (see Miriam’s Vision Dance module)


  • Discuss how students will use their skills to plan and organise a fundraising fair in aid of the Outreach Programme at the Miriam Hyman Children’s Eye Care Centre to help “Make a Difference” to the children requiring eye care services in and around Odisha.
  • Collect completed MV B&E Resource 2.2 Student skills (required for Sessions 3 and 6) and introduce homework task.


Using the blue sky ideas list, together with the research undertaken in Activity 2, students consider ideas for fundraising stalls. This time ideas MUST

  • be workable and acceptable within school
  • reflect the need to maximise profits for the Outreach Programme at the MHCECC.

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