Miriam Hyman was killed in the London bombings on 07 July 2005. The Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust brings you her legacy.

Miriam’s Vision: A Response to the 2005 London Bombings is about building an inclusive, non-violent society, respecting fundamental rights.

Miriam's Vision meets newly introduced Ofsted requirements for the “curriculum to be at the centre of education...creating a positive climate with respectful interactions”, connecting “new knowledge and existing knowledge”, and having an impact on learners, i.e. “if nothing [is] impressed in long-term memory, nothing has been learned”.

This is a collection of unique, high quality curriculum-based lesson plans, accompanying resources and guidance notes for teachers of 11 to 14-year-olds. This is free of charge, available to download and share. Each module makes reference to Miriam's story and her memorial, the Miriam Hyman Children's Eye Care Centre in Odisha, India.

Miriam's Vision was developed by the Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust in association with the University of London Institute of Education and Copthall School, London, which Miriam attended.

Miriam's Vision has been produced by teachers for teachers to explore 7/7 in the safe environment of the classroom, through the powerful personal narrative of Miriam's story.  While meeting curriculum requirements, the Schemes of Work are part of a much bigger picture: Preparation for independent, rational, constructive thinking and action on personal, local, national and global levels; responsible citizenship recognising one’s own rights and those of others, irrespective of race, religion, tradition and culture.

The programme has three strands:

  • History, Citizenship and PSHE: Relate directly to the events of 7/7.  Opportunities for acquiring transferable life skills such as resilience, considered and constructive response to negative situations, and rational thinking and action in the light of rights and responsibilities.
  • Geography, Art and Dance: Relate to the location of the Miriam Hyman Children's Eye Care Centre in Odisha.  Learners experience aspects of a new culture and compare to their own to understand that diversity is the natural outcome of local response to universal needs for nourishment, shelter, safety, aesthetics and spirituality.
  • Business & Enterprise: A cross-class or cross-year fundraising activity for the MHCECC Outreach Programme.  Empathy for the needs of others and involvement in an altruistic activity that impacts the real world.

We offer tried and tested lesson plans that meet Ofsted judgments by placing the curriculum at the heart of the resource while embracing diversity and British values, and encouraging positive behaviour, personal development and empathy.

Read the Guidance in our For Teachers section.

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Miriam Hyman

A commendation from the Department for Education (January 2016)

"A panel of our Education Advisers looked at the resources and felt the package should be highly recommended for use in schools because the schemes of work and individual lesson materials are so well constructed. There would be no need for teachers to do any extra work because you have everything necessary on the website... everything is extremely well supported ... and is so expertly presented. Teachers would be able to view the materials, read through the background notes, download lesson materials and use the electronic materials straight onto their classroom screens in order to teach a range of outstanding lessons."

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