Session 4: Reaction to Response

PSHE (Ages 11-14)
Session 4: Reaction to Response
Key Message: 

This session considers how people can move from reaction to response when a tragic event occurs.  There is a focus on how survivors and family/friends of the victims of 7/7 have tried to move from negative responses to positive ones. 

  • Students will consider how people move on from life changing events
  • Students look at different examples of reaction to response
  • Students will gain knowledge of different mechanisms to move from reaction to response and analyse the effects


  • Students think back to previous lessons and consider the different ways people react and respond to tragic events.  Review key words from previous learning.  Link this with Miriam’s Story. 

Main Activities:

  • Slide 3.  Students brainstorm the different mechanisms that people can use to move from reaction to response, considering how people can move from negative to positive actions/emotions.
  • Slides 4-7.  Through these slides students will be exposed to different examples of positive responses to the negative events of 7/7.
  • Slide 8.  Students consider their own personal thoughts about reaction to response mechanisms.  This can be done as a written exercise or through class/group debate or discussion.

Plenary:  Students complete the student response feedback forms.