You are invited to take part in the Miriam’s Vision Evaluation & Impact Study funded by
In 2016-2017 the MHMT is evaluating Miriam’s Vision with a select number of schools to improve it and study its impact on students and teachers.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you to participate.
Participating involves
  • Delivering your module deviating as little as possible from the lesson plans (4-7 hours depending on the module)
  • Asking all participating students to complete a written survey (approximately 10 minutes; this is built into the final session of each module) and submitting them by post to the MHMT
  • Selecting a focus group of ideally six students from your class to be interviewed by our DBS cleared researcher (approximately 30 minutes) 
  • Having a one-to-one interview with our researcher, which can be done by phone if necessary (approximately 30 minutes)
Some of the benefits for students
  • Developing life skills through the curriculum, for example resilience in adversity, critical thinking
  • Understanding through experiential learning that diversity is the natural outcome of regional responses to universal needs
  • Influencing real world situations through group activities
  • Developing awareness and respect for one’s own values and those of others
  • Learning in a wide variety of styles
  • Pioneering and contributing to the development of Miriam's Vision
Some of the benefits for teachers
  • Fulfilling the duty to prevent extremism through modules that are inclusive, non-political and secular by accessing free lesson plans with unique supporting resources and step-by-step guidance notes.  
  • Dealing with a sensitive subject through a powerful narrative with constructive messages
  • Pioneering and contributing to the development of Miriam's Vision

Please use the feedback form below to express interest in the Miriam's Vision Evaluation & Impact Study.  We will contact you.  Thank you!

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