The MHMT needs to know the impact of Miriam's Vision on teachers and students.

During 2017 we are collecting student feedback and their cooperation in self-completing the questionnaires will be greatly appreciated.  This should take approximately fifteen minutes.  If this can be done immediately after the entire Scheme of Work is complete it would be ideal.  Adequate time should be set aside at the end of the last session for students to complete and submit their questionnaires before they leave the class-room.

Teachers and students are requested not to change the wording of the Feedback forms.

Teachers are requested to participate in an interview with an MHMT researcher to provide feedback.  If this can be done on the same day that the researcher attends the school, it would be very helpful.  The interview should be complete within forty-five minutes.

Emphasis on evaluation and impact at this stage helps us understand how teachers and students are responding to the programme and will assist development.  Students should know their views are important, their opinions valuable and their cooperation appreciated.  BUT if there are any questions they don’t want to answer, or if they have concerns, they should refer to their teacher.
 We do not ask for student names to ensure confidentiality.

We would appreciate teachers selecting learners for the focus group study on the basis of having good communication skills to maximise the quality of the data collected.

Completed student questionnaires may be handed over to the MHMT researcher.  We are very grateful for your help.

Many thanks.