The Miriam’s Vision Evaluation & Impact Study is funded by
The Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust is evaluating Miriam's Vision and testing impact on teachers and learners.  The report will be available in April 2018.  This exciting collection of lesson plans with accompanying resources and guidance notes is designed for Key Stage 3 (11 to 14 years) and is highly recommended by the Department for Education.
Participating involved
  • delivering the Miriam's Vision module in your subject to your own students
  • asking the students to complete a very short written survey at the end of the Scheme of Work (see attachment)
  • selecting four to six students to participate in a focus group session moderated by an MHMT researcher with DBS certification
  • consenting to a short interview with an MHMT researcher
Teachers access exciting Schemes of Work that promote social cohesion and are secular and a-political.
Students develop transferable life skills such as resilience, rational thinking and empathy, and understand diversity through experiential learning, all while maintaining academic excellence.
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10 minutes is built into the end of the final session of each module for students to complete the Student Survey. Surveys should be submitted to the MHMT. Thank you.


Whether or not you are taking part in the Study, we want feedback from teachers and students who have used Miriam's Vision. We will use your feedback to inform refinements of the resources and we may quote you anonymously in relevant contexts. You may want to use the .docx version of the Teacher Feedback form (attached below) to type your feedback directly into the document. Please email your completed form to Students can complete printed copies of the Student Survey, and these can be sent by post to the MHMT. Thank you!


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